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Youngers Tryouts

We have openings in the following age groups/teams:
B2008, B2009, G2008, G2007W, G2005, G2003

If you would like to attend a workout with one of our teams, please contact or call (619)301-4730

Fill and Print the Tryout Form in advance



For Boys 2008 & 2009

Every Monday beginning February 13th

At 5:30pm at Meridian Elementary



Schedule will be update shortly


Matt Robertson
Hotspurs Head Goalkeeper coach
619 504-5451

2017-2018 Youngers Coaching Assignments

2017/2018 Girls Youngers Assignments

G2010 - Matt Denick
G2009 - Matt Denick
G2008 - Devin Dawn, Chris Sedgwick
G2007 Red - Lu Tejeda
G2007 White - Matt Denick
G2007 Navy - TBD
G2006 Premier - Walter Torres
G2006 White - Tazha Langsworthy
G2005 Premier - Paolo Landini
G2005 Red - Diego D'Agostino
G2005 White - TBD
G2004 Premier - Matt Robertson
G2004 White - Dave Ridenour
G2003 Premier - Laurissa Lane
G2003 White - Diego D'Agostino

2017/2018 Boys Youngers Assignments

B2010 - Matt Robertson, Anthony Farace, Diego D'Agostino
B2009 - Tony Fernandez, Tony Vo, Collin Cresap, Sean Connor
B2008 - Tony Fernandez, Tony Vo, Collin Cresap, Sean Connor
B2007 Red - Brian Schnitzer
B2007 White - TBD
B2006 Premier - Anthony Farace
B2006 Red - Dave Ridenour
B2006 White - Brian Schnitzer
B2006 Navy - Carlos Angulo
B2005 Premier - Anthony Farace
B2005 White - Eddie Lucero
B2004 Premier - Mario Martinez
B2004 White - Mario Martinez
B2003 Premier - Darrin Schallock
B2003 White - Devin Dawn



College Soccer Pathway announcement

Hotspurs USA Families-

I am very happy to announce that we have been approved as a selected "education affiliate" by the iSoccerPath company and their college soccer education program.

iSoccerpath is the company that will run our College Soccer Panel information night.

iSoccerPath's services is something I, as the Director, have been looking to bring to our families. Any player on our teams in the U13-18 age group, who strive to play collegiate soccer at any level (Div 1, Div 2, Div 3, NAIA) will benefit from the help, support, and experience that iSoccerpath brings to the planning and execution of your son's/daughters ambition to become a student athlete.

We, as a club, coach and staff pride ourselves for what we are able to do to help our players attain their collegiate goals. In recent years, with the growth of youth soccer across the U.S., it is more competitive than ever to play collegiate soccer. A large part of the planning and execution historically falls upon the family. iSoccerpath will inform, educate, and help you develop a plan of action for you son and family to be successful in these efforts!

We are recommending each of you take a look at the 2 programs to choose from that will be sent to you individually by ISP in the next few days and see the added value of what they do for parents and players. There is a cost to their program, and our staff and coaches will remain actively involved throughout the process in partnership with you and iSoccerpath. I am passionate about what iSoccerPath brings to Hotspurs USA.

For those of you who this is your first time going thru the process, and/or if you value your time as a commodity, the ISP program is the one to consider to complement our Hotspurs USA staff guidance. Your odds of getting to a school of your choice and achieving a dream of becoming a college student athlete increase.

Please look for your family invitation from iSoccerPath coming soon and take the time to review and decide if it is right for your child.

Thank you, Paolo Landini


A shoutout to:

B2006 West and Coach Rhett Souders - 1st place in SDDA Flight 2 (8W-0L-2T)

B2006 Premier and Coach Anthony Farace - 4th place (out of 12) in SDDA Flight 2 (6W-3L-1T)

B2006 Red and Coach Tony Fernandez- 3rd place (out of 13) in AA-A (7W-3L-2T)

B2006 White and Coach Brian Schnitzer - 4th place (out of 12) in AA-B (7W-3L-2T)

B2005 Premier and Coach Anthony Farace 1st place in SDDA Flight 2 (8W-1L-1T)

B2005 White w/Coaches Lu Tejeda w/Eddie Lucero Tied 1st place in AA-B (9W-2L-1T)

B2000 Premier and Coach Malcolm Scott - 3rd place (out of 13) in SDDA Flight 2 (7W-2L-3T)

BU98/99 White and Coach Dave Anderson - 2nd place in AAA (7W-4L-1T)

G2007 Red and Coach Lu Tejeda - 2nd place (out of 12) in Presidio AA-B Central (11W-1L-0T)

G2007 White and Coach Matt Denick - 3rd place (out of 8) in AA-B South (10W-1L-1T)

G2005 White and Coach Diego D’Agostino - 2nd place in AA-B (8W-1L-3T)

G2001 White and Coach Dave Ridenour - 3rd place in AA-A (8W-3L-1T)

G99 Premier and Coach Steve Lincoln - 2nd place in Coast League (8W-4L-0T)

G98/99 Red and Coach Laurissa Lane - 2nd place (out of 13) in AA-B (9W-2L-1T)




Presidio, SDDA and CSL seasons just finished. Let's recognize some of our teams and coaches!

Congratulations to:

BU9 Academy team and Coach Tony Fernandez, 2nd place in SDDA 7W-1L-2T.

BU11 Academy and Coach Anthony Farace, 3rd place in SDDA with a 5-4-1 record.

BU12 Academy, SDDA Flight 1 Champions with a 7-2-1 record.

BU15 Academy and Coach Jose Vasquez, 3rd place in SDDA with a 4-2-4 record

BU16 Academy and Coach Juan Estrada, 2nd place in SDDA with a 5-2-3 record.

BU16 White and Coach Johnny Ortega, 3rd place in Presidio with a 9-3-0 record.

BU18 Academy and Coach Travis Tomlin, SDDA BU19 Champions with a 8-2-2 record.

GU8 Academy and Coach Matt Denick, 2nd place in SDDA with a 6-3-1 record.

GU11 White and Coach Diego D'Agostino, 2nd place in Presidio with a 9-2-1 record.

GU14 White and Coach Dave Ridenour, 3rd place in Presidio with a 7-2-3 record.

GU17 White and Coach Laurissa Lane, 3rd place in Presidio with a 7-4-2 record.




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  • Public Relations Coordinator
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Marketing Coordinator Assistant
  • Referee Recruiting Coordinator

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